Welcome to MM Store Fixtures! The Online Catalog from Murdock Mendelsohn Co., Inc.

Murdock Mendelsohn was founded in 1935 with a vision of providing a basic service to help our customers sell their products.


We can start with the walls—providing slatwall, grid, or slotted standards—


And then move to the floor with racks, showcases, hangers, and forms...


Conveying information to your customers is vital; therefore, we offer tickets, tags, labels, signholders, and literature holders.


From simple forms to elaborate showcases with custom lighting, we offer a wide variety of jewelry displays to meet your need


Correct lighting is essential for maximum product exposure. From rope lights to spot lamps, we have you covered!


Now that you have the basics, what better way to get a customers attention than by showcasing your items. We carry a wide variety of decorations for displays, including: designer tissue paper, confetti, corobuff, streamers, fringe, festooning, mylar wrap, floral sheeting, holiday themed decorations, and much much more!